Are You Compliant?

Mile High Adjusters

Important Licensing Information

It’s pertinent to know as an Independent Adjuster that it's your responsibility to maintain compliance. This is crucial when you’re a CAT responder. Requirements are constantly being amended and changed.

MHA received a few calls this past week regarding “Home State Designation”. The majority of these inquiries were questions regarding the initial application for the adjuster’s license where it asks you to specify your Home State. When working in the states that don’t require you to carry a license, it’s best practice to name a Home State, such as Texas if you have the All-Lines Texas license. The All-Lines Texas License is reciprocated in most states.

Make sure you are taking advantage of the many channels that discuss changes and trends in the industry. Though it is not their responsibility, most IA Firms will release information to its adjusters as updated information trickles down the pipeline in attempt to make sure that adjusters have the most current industry information. Other great sources of information are discussion forums such as From One Adjuster to Another and CADO.

For further information, contact your state’s Department of Insurance, Sircon, NIPR, or organizations such as Adjuster Pro or Mariposa Insurance Services Group.