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Mile High Adjusters

Just when you think you have a handle on things, they start changing! There will always be a need to reinvent ourselves, discover new technology and forge forward with these ever-changing times.

The Claims industry is not immune to this “event”. Over the past years, technology in claims and insurance has continued to pulse forward. For the insurance carrier, the F-word is right at the top of their agenda – FRAUD. For the adjuster, it’s increasing efficiency, accuracy and output through demonstrating best-practices. At the end of the day, it’s about the bottom-line – increasing profits while maintaining security for all parties involved!

Xactimate has been at the front lines for adjusters and contractors for 25 years. This high-powered package is the leading estimating platform for adjusters, insurance-repair contractors and property insurers because of the proficiency in calculating the cost of repairs and its organizational abilities. However, there is one thing that any adjuster will tell you, whether they are new to the arena or a veteran of the industry, it’s not the most intuitive software. Don’t worry! It’s not going anywhere! Xactware is still used today by 80% of the industry and remains one of the most prominent solutions available. No matter how proficient or innovative our technology is, we are forward-looking to improved and ground-breaking solutions.

Today, there is a new platform nipping at Xactimate’s heels, and it’s quickly lending itself as the most intuitive estimating application on the market – introducing Symbility! Symbility is a cloud-based claims processing and estimating technology that is geared toward optimizing your overall performance. This emerging solution offers the versatility and agility that is specifically designed to enhance adjuster and third-party contractor productivity. Not only will it have the ability to capture photographs, voice files, and laser measurements, it also offers real-time data synchronization.

The average adjuster will complete five claims in a day. This seems easy enough, but take into account the amount of measurements, photos, sketch time and miscellaneous information that needs to be organized and filed per each claim. This can be overwhelming at times! After a couple of years of experience and Snafu’s, you begin to polish your modus operandi and before you know it, you can close an average of eight and a half claims per day. We all know what that means!

Xactimate and Symbility are both capable and esteemed options within the claims industry. Take the time to learn both solutions and continue to enhance your marketability. Knowledge is power!