Improve Your Workflow Process: Increase Your Claims and Estimate Output

At the end of the day, we are all concerned about the same thing: our bottom-line. How can we increase our proficiency and productivity? Whether you are closing claims, writing estimates for remediation projects, or replacing a roof, your software platform and your knowledge of that platform is your profit-maker.

Productivity is key. However, it is only the end result! It's crucial to be accurate, efficient and agile. Lucky for us we are in a healthy technological age where we don't need to necessarily work hard, we need to work smart. The technology we employ is only as exceptional as we make it. Xactimate and Symbility are the leading estimating solutions in the industry and these platforms are not only your moneymaker, they are your personal assistants. As with most software solutions, the breadth of the products are far and wide and without continuing education, we rarely use the technology to its fullest capacity.

From the beginner to the more advanced users, make sure you are keeping up-to-date with the industry changes and the innovative advances in technology. Whether you are improving your team's workflow management processes or working to enhance your marketability and productivity, Mile High Adjusters Training Academy is here to ensure your team and you are the best you can be.

MHTA has increased the frequency of our Xactimate and Symbility courses to better accommodate teams and individuals seeking a more in-depth education of their software solutions. Take the time to look at our Career Center or contact The MHA Team directly for more information.