Success Story: Up Close and Personal

The general meaning of success has evolved over the years. Whether that is positive, or simply what it is, the one thing that is unerring is our love of hearing and sharing success stories! No matter in which industry you have chosen to work, it's a competitive market. In every field there are challenges to be faced, obstacles to overcome and accomplishments to be achieved. It's enlightening to see how we rise and face these challenges and overcome our own doubts.  

Today, I received an email from a former student that has recently obtained his Texas All-lines license at the Mile High Adjusters Training Academy. I recall speaking to him while he attended class, and he was incredibly concerned about finding work, being under-qualified and the ultimate angst we all possess, of not performing at a level that would promote him in the claims industry. I remember telling him to think outside of the box and be creative. And, that's exactly what he did!

Like all career paths on which we choose to embark, education and experience top every employer's list. The pure reality of these seemingly simple pre-requisites can be conquering when you lack one or the other. So, how do you overcome this uphill battle? Think outside of the box! Paul pondered the idea of seeking an apprenticeship, or internship, with a senior adjuster and then adjust independently. He pondered, then actualized.

I would like to share Paul Durlin's first success story with you and highlight his creativity and drive to jump into an industry full speed ahead and carve his own path to achieve his personal and professional goals.

"I have been pretty busy, working a few claims with Claims Service Professionals local in Colorado Springs. I am also doing High Value home inspections for Castle Inspections, they are out of Kansas. I'm getting more experience with some different Valuation and sketching programs. Most of the work they feed me is in the Denver area, the inspector that has been training me with Castle has been at it for a long time. The money is better in Claims but the experience that I'm getting there is priceless. The best thing is that Valuations are very steady at about 10 to 15 inspections a week and the fee schedule works with my immediate income requirements." -- Paul Durlin