Preparation is Key!

Frankenstorm has everyone up-in-arms at the moment! It's nearly impossible to predict what the ever-changing weather patterns are going to do. When in doubt, prepare! At this stage, I would begin a checklist of items you would need to carry with you to your designated deployment site - from clothing to tools to medications, all the way down to your Sriacha. If you have pets that will not be traveling with you, begin making arrangements for them to be tended to in your absense. These are a few small things you can take care of so you are not scrambling at the last minute and waste critical time in arriving to the orientation in a timely fashion.

Be thorough, and be quick. Worse case scenario is that you will be 100% prepared and the storm will be not be too severe. The best case scenario, you will be packed and ready to go immediately!

Safe travels and the best of success to you out in the field!