Write My Scope!

Are you spending more time at the computer than scoping your claims? How about you adjust and we write? Would this allow you the time to pick up at least two more appointments per day or sleep a little longer at night? The Mile High Adjusters Team is offering you the ability to free up more time, produce professional and accurate scopes, and increase your income. By submitting your scoping criteria to our team of expert, licensed adjusters, we complete your scope portion of your estimate and return it to you within a day allowing you to manage your time more efficiently. For many adjusters, it may mean that their 16 hour day is relieved to a manageable eight-to-ten hour day. Other adjusters will use this time to schedule a few more appointments, assess more damages and complete the less technical estimates.

The process is easy. Contact Mile High Adjusters to have the submission requirements emailed to you. Once you receive the requirements, you will organize your folders in the specified way and email to the MHA Team. Once we receive your information, you will receive a receipt confirmation, your information is reviewed and processed, the scope is produced and returned to you the next day!

If you find more value in scoping more and writing less, contact us today and let us Write Your Scope!