February's Tech Tip

The 21st Century is the age of technology. Every time I turn around there is something newer, better, smarter and it's supposed to make my life more manageable and simple. I'm sure you can relate! The claims industry is on-boarding new solutions just as frequently to assist inusurance carriers with fraud prevention and process improvements. However, I find it difficult if not impossible to find solutions for adjusters that are going to educate us on enhancing our workflow and process management. The fact of the matter is that this is equally significant. The more comprehensive and fluid the adjuster, the less number of times a claim will need to be touched - in most cases.

Keep in mind adjusters, technology can be as much a tool as it can be a hindrance! Take the time to figure out your ITQ - Technology IQ. What slows you down when it comes to your technology? What makes you comfortable? Which tools make you more efficient? Can you consolidate your technology? More is not necessarily better! Here is an inside look from the Mile High Adjusters' Senior Adjuster and Instructor, Marshall Barrington.

The new Symbility has been programmed with the iPad in mind. Xactimate has applications designed for iPhone and iPad. The newest version of Xactimate is supposed to have enhanced applications for the iPad. The question is: Do you need to add an iPad to your adjusting gear?

Kind of early to tell. I'm in the wait-and-see mode for now. However, that is definitely the way things are moving. The new windows is based off the iPad OS. Google is coming out with their version of an iPad. The new computers are now coming with touch screens. Where does the madness stop? There is going to be a big shake out in all these devices over the course of the next several years. How can all these devices make it in the competive market place? More importantly, how do you choose the best solution for your workflow style?

The industry will see a considerable transition in the next four to six years. One of these platforms will emerge as the leader in this winner-takes-all battle. Will Apple still dominate without Steve Jobs? How much of a threat is Google? Microsoft seems to be floundering as the later comer. Whoever wins in the end, make sure you're converting to the technology choice(s) that will increase your proficiency, not hinder it.

What's an adjuster to do? WAIT! Where ever this ends us, it will take a few more years to get there. Technnology and versions will likely change a few times until then. Everybody appears intent on moving to the iPad. Sounds cool. Photos, estimates, sketch all at once on the fly with one device. Sexy! Spock and McCoy investigating a strange new alien planet! But, then I remember all the times I've dropped things off the roof... chalk, pitch gauge, clipboard, camera... baking in the heat, talking to a roofer, drawing my test square: Am I going to be able to hang on to my iPad while scoping a roof?  What happens to all my other claims for that day if it slides down the slope, bounces off the gutter and lands gracefully in the back swimming pool?

Maybe I can duct tape it to my leg...

-- Marshall B.